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Oddments from the week that wuz

The Sharp End: After enough time, and even after a lot of care, notice how a set of knives lose their vorpal zing? I’ve been using the same knives for five years now, and they just don’t have that same “Hassan CHOP” quality that gives any fan of slicing and dicing in pursuit of the […]

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Tomorrow, we’ll delve into Tim Tebow’s celebrity and the tensions any of us might feel between enjoying football for its own sake over people gauche enough to invite politics into your pastimes — not necessarily Mr. Tebow alone. I meant to get to that subject today, but Charley — my partner — and I both […]

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Onward, upward, and hello

Well, you have to start these things somewhere, so why not with an oblique reference to Flash Gordon tacked onto delusions of grandeur? As a kid, I loved that movie much more than made any proper sense, to the point that, 31 years ago when it was in the theaters, my best friend Steven and […]

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